2 comments on “Successful 2012 Montana Deer Hunt

  1. Plan on hunting this unit in 2017 for mule deer. Any suggestions, tips, or helpful contacts would be appreciated.

    • Hey Brian,

      Thank you for reading my blog and I appreciate the comment. I have been wanting to hunt this unit again since that 2012 hunt but just haven’t been able to get back over there. I think there are some great bucks on this unit and I would love to get back out there in search of them. One thing to realize for this unit is it is a low deer number unit. There simply is not a lot of deer but that isn’t a bad thing as long as you know where the deer are. I can’t remember the biologist’s name that I talked to but you can always call the wildlife manager for that area. His name is Ray Mule and his number is 406-247-2960. If he is unwilling to help you I’m sure he will get you the name and contact info to the biologist that covers the Pryor Mountains. The key for this unit is to find water and hunt the areas around that. I hunted just south of the town of Belfry on Hollenback Draw Rd. I did this simply because I thought there would be some field deer coming off the fields just west and over the hills of that road. I have since seen some bucks along that area as I drive to Cody, Wyoming every month. Of course this time of year their antlers are very small and just beginning to grow. I know another area is along the Crooked Creek Rd. on the main mountain. Although I have not spent a lot of time in that area it is an area the biologist said would be a recommended spot. I’m guessing this is a popular part of the unit but I’m not sure. I would recommend getting out and doing some scouting come late July or August. One thing the biologist did tell me is that the largest buck he has seen come off this unit came out of the Hollenback area. The buck I shot was a 9-year old buck so that might tell you something.

      I hope something I have written in this response is helpful. Good luck!


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