2 comments on “What State Offers The Best Chance For a Monster Bull?

    • Hello Mike,

      You are absolutely correct. No disrespect towards New Mexico. The reason I have not included New Mexico in my articles is due to the fact that I don’t know New Mexico as well as other states. My goal is to provide the most accurate information I possibly can and this is done by personal knowledge of areas or personal friends that work with the local game departments that provide me the information. Currently, New Mexico is one state I know little about and I don’t have a personal friend, I trust enough, to get me accurate information.

      The only area I know a little about is the Jicarilla Apache Nation. I know there are HUGE Mule Deer and Elk that call this place home. I also know that it costs tens of thousands to hunt it.

      My goal is to gain personal and/or trusted knowledge about every western state so I can provide this information to you, the people that make what we love to do possible. Until then, fantastic states, such as New Mexico, will remain off of my blog so I can keep my information as accurate as possible.

      I appreciate your comment Mike. Good luck this season, and if you have any great tips and info about New Mexico I would love to hear it and offer it on my blog.


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